Re-Branding Your Logo, Life or Death?

Rebranding can be dangerous territory. As designers it is a great opportunity to create a buzz and generate new interest for your client, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Make the wrong choices and you risk consumer backlash or loss of sales if the clients customers don’t understand the new look and feel of the brand.

When it comes to the ‘r’ word, many business owners’ shudder at the possibility and will do anything to change the conversation. But you can change your logo without losing your company values and success.

There are many different reasons to rebrand, the best reasons being to modernise an existing logo or because your company is going in a new direction and you want to show off the new company ideals.

Companies are like people; they grow. When they grow they change into more renowned, wiser, stronger entities of their former selves. As your company grows and progresses, what worked when it you were just starting out may not be the case now. Especially when it comes to how your company appears to your customer’s.

Think about your core customers when you had just started out, and your customer’s now? Chances are, they are different too. The type of customer, the way they shop and their average spend.  Even the way they interact with your company is probably very different now than it was a few years ago.

However, while it is necessary to keep up and grow, it is also essential to do it the right way. This is what keeps companies like Coca Cola constantly changing but allows them to stay on top of the market. You might not have even noticed, but their logo is constantly evolving. Another great example that we particularly like is ‘The French Property Exhibition’. Their logo was re-designed by Roy Smith and is featured in ‘Logo Design Love’ by David Airey.

French Property Exhibition

You can see that the logo has been drastically modernised, but you still know that it is the same company. They have tailored their logo to target their audience and it works wonderfully.

Your company image is what makes you identifiable to the world; it’s what sets you apart from the rest and is what attracted your customers to you in the beginning. It represents your values, your character and your substance. Customer’s need to know you can evolve with them, which is why updates are necessary.

We thought it was time to follow some of our own advice, so next week we will be launching our very own re-brand! When we first started out 6 years ago we were a small print shop and our logo and branding suited us perfectly. But now, several years later, with our new creative and web-design services being launched… we realised that we needed to change our image to represent the great design studio that we have become.

Check back next week for more details and a bit of an insight into our design process, and how we’re going about this new overhaul.

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May Calendar Wallpaper

May might have been welcomed in with some drizzly rain but instead of looking out the window, we think you should put our lovely new wallpaper on your desktop or your phone and let the spring colours trick you into thinking that it’s actually a lovely day!!

1280 x 720 - May

With the handy little calendar to help you keep track of the dates (and the bank holidays!) this month. Available in 2 screen sizes, 2 iPhone sizes and 2 iPad, get in touch if you feel your smart phone or computer screen is feeling left out.

1280 x 720 | 1920 x 1200
iPhone 4 | iPhone 5
iPad Mini | iPad Retina

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In the spotlight: Sporty Champs


Promoworx Spotlight: Sporty Champs

One of the best parts of our job is the huge variety of people and businesses that come though the door that we get to work with, help and advise for all of their creative needs and branding.

Because we enjoy them so much we have decided that we should share them with you. Once a month we will post a client profile including their new and exciting business ventures and the work that we are most proud of.

First up, Sporty Champs!

Sporty Champs

Sporty Champs is a new and exciting way for children to get active and learn the basics in multiple sports such as tennis, football, hockey and tag rugby. The many benefits of Sporty Champs include teaching kids essential life skills, improving co-ordination and enhancing communication while learning the basics of sports. Their sessions at nurseries and schools have been created for different age groups and development levels and are designed to be fun and a great learning experience.

“My favourite part of my job is that I get to see how the kids develop week upon week, while getting to be outside and coach sports all day!”

The owners of Sporty Champs came to us with their business idea and gave us the opportunity to work with them to design their overall business branding from logo to promotional materials, encompassing all the traits that make their business great. We have had the pleasure of watching their company grow over the last year and are proud to see that they are launching a sister company – Music Champs!

Music ChampsMuch like their founding company Music Champs is dedicated to inspiring kids to get active through the art of music with song, instruments and movement. They have currently over 60 activities with a focus on teaching a variety of skills using a variety of instruments.

These programs are not only successful because of their mini clients enjoyment, but they also combine fun with learning essential skills to help them grow, such as communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional growth as well as fostering creativity.

With more developments in the pipe-line such as a new multi-sports program, we are very excited to see how much further Sporty Champs will go!

For more information on Sporty Champs or Music Champs visit their websites: &

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That spring feeling!

Colour plays such an important role in our lives that you would be crazy to ignore it. Colours have the ability to influence emotions in a way that few other mediums can.


We have created an Easter colour Palette that contains a hint of spring with yellow and blue hues. These are a sample of colours that we think work well to give you a lovely, happy spring feeling. Yellows give a calm sense of happiness while muted blue conveys a very relaxed and calm impression. Green suggests health, freshness and freedom. Ideal for products associated with health food or activities with a strong emphasis on the environment. Pink suggests caring, gentleness and is considered calming.

Spring Colours

The use of pastel colour has grown in popularity recently with the rise of “flat” design. Less saturated colours offer a soothing sensation that works well in large doses, with prominent colour blocking. Shades of grey can be good, neutral background colours. Try using lighter grey colours in place of white and darker grey in place of black.


We’ve included the colour make up on each swatch of our Easter palette, speak to one of our team about incorporating these colours in your next marketing campaign!

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Meet the Promoworx Team: Dale


Sometimes change can be a good thing. As sad as we are to say goodbye to Jenny, we are very happy to say hello to our newest team member, Dale!

Dale made the drastic change of uprooting himself all the way from Newcastle, AUSTRALIA. Personally we think you must be mad to move away from constant sunshine… but we trust him. Studying Graphic Design at Newcastle TAFE and Visual Communication at the University of Newcastle, Dale has been working as a designer ever since. He brings an array of great skills such as illustration, design and naturally being a fun guy. After working as an in house designer for a busy Australian club, Dale knows exactly how to get your customers attention and bring in the right sort of crowd.

Since we have expanded our product range to include fantastic websites as well, Dale will be our go-to man for all your web design needs. Watch this space, things are going to be changing around here…


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April Desktop

We hope you haven’t been fooled too much today. If you have however, here is our little gift to cheer you up. This months calendar! Download it for your phone, your tablet AND your computer.

1280 x 720 - April-01

1280×720 | 1920×1200

iPhone 4 | iPhone 5

iPad (small) | iPad (large)

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A Precious Memory , Protected by Canvas

So maybe a card isn’t your style and you want to do something a little special for your mum this Mother’s Day. You want something, memorable and unique that shows just how important she is…hmm. Not sure? What about a favourite memory shared between you, forever protected on canvas?


Canvas portraits are great keepsakes which stand the test of time.  Custom printed, mounted and stretched on premium cotton canvas prints our canvases are high quality finish without the high quality price. They are perfect for family photos, special events or something completely custom, just for you and mum. Bring in your high res photographs, your hard copy prints, or you design ideas and we’ll see what we can do! Make a lasting smile for mothers day.

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