Top 5 Business Card Holders.

Even though we have some great deals on business cards this month, your cards are still an investment that you should be looking after. Have you ever asked someone for a business card and had to watch them dig in the bottom of their bag and pull out a battered scruffy card for you? How delightful.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful we make them look to begin with, if you don’t take care of your cards, all the hard work you put in to creating the right image immediately goes down the drain when you let them get scuffed up. So we thought that it might be helpful to remind you how easy it is to keep you business cards safe and clean, by compiling a list of 5 brilliant cases that will protect your stationery.

1. Something Basic Plastic Business Card Holder Paperchase | £1.00

Plastic Business Card Holder

2. Something For The Designer Pantone Business Card Holder Home Colours | £6.00


Pantone Business Card Holder3. Something Classic Metal & Leather Business Card Holder Philip Morris & Son | £17.00 £15.00

Luxury Business Card Holder

4. Something Quirky Wooden Business Card Holder Etsy | £26.34

Wooden Business Card Holder

5. Something Fancy Leather Business Card Holder Aspinal of London | £55.00

Leather Business Card Holder   With prices varying greatly depending on what you like, you should be able to find something that works for you and your budget. But most importantly, something that will keep your business cards looking fresh, clean and ready to have the lasting impression that you want.
… And if you don’t fancy shopping around, we can always add a plastic business card box (that holds 50 standard cards) to your order for an extra £1!

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