In the spotlight: Sporty Champs


Promoworx Spotlight: Sporty Champs

One of the best parts of our job is the huge variety of people and businesses that come though the door that we get to work with, help and advise for all of their creative needs and branding.

Because we enjoy them so much we have decided that we should share them with you. Once a month we will post a client profile including their new and exciting business ventures and the work that we are most proud of.

First up, Sporty Champs!

Sporty Champs

Sporty Champs is a new and exciting way for children to get active and learn the basics in multiple sports such as tennis, football, hockey and tag rugby. The many benefits of Sporty Champs include teaching kids essential life skills, improving co-ordination and enhancing communication while learning the basics of sports. Their sessions at nurseries and schools have been created for different age groups and development levels and are designed to be fun and a great learning experience.

“My favourite part of my job is that I get to see how the kids develop week upon week, while getting to be outside and coach sports all day!”

The owners of Sporty Champs came to us with their business idea and gave us the opportunity to work with them to design their overall business branding from logo to promotional materials, encompassing all the traits that make their business great. We have had the pleasure of watching their company grow over the last year and are proud to see that they are launching a sister company – Music Champs!

Music ChampsMuch like their founding company Music Champs is dedicated to inspiring kids to get active through the art of music with song, instruments and movement. They have currently over 60 activities with a focus on teaching a variety of skills using a variety of instruments.

These programs are not only successful because of their mini clients enjoyment, but they also combine fun with learning essential skills to help them grow, such as communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional growth as well as fostering creativity.

With more developments in the pipe-line such as a new multi-sports program, we are very excited to see how much further Sporty Champs will go!

For more information on Sporty Champs or Music Champs visit their websites: &

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