That spring feeling!

Colour plays such an important role in our lives that you would be crazy to ignore it. Colours have the ability to influence emotions in a way that few other mediums can.


We have created an Easter colour Palette that contains a hint of spring with yellow and blue hues. These are a sample of colours that we think work well to give you a lovely, happy spring feeling. Yellows give a calm sense of happiness while muted blue conveys a very relaxed and calm impression. Green suggests health, freshness and freedom. Ideal for products associated with health food or activities with a strong emphasis on the environment. Pink suggests caring, gentleness and is considered calming.

Spring Colours

The use of pastel colour has grown in popularity recently with the rise of “flat” design. Less saturated colours offer a soothing sensation that works well in large doses, with prominent colour blocking. Shades of grey can be good, neutral background colours. Try using lighter grey colours in place of white and darker grey in place of black.


We’ve included the colour make up on each swatch of our Easter palette, speak to one of our team about incorporating these colours in your next marketing campaign!

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