XO Luxury Business Cards

You are meeting a potential client for the first time, someone that knows nothing about you or your company. They hear what you are saying, but they’ve heard the same from other companies just like yours. So why are you different? Why should they be impressed? You hand them your business card with confidence that it will peak their interest to investigate what you have to offer, but when they look up from your business card and say…’that’s funny, your business card looks identical to another company I was talking to last week.’ You. Are. Mortified.


business cards promoworx 1

You curse yourself for using a template website to make your business cards, and what’s worse your logo. Now all the effort that went into reciting why you stand above your competition and why your customers will have a long and happy relationship with you over your competitors, because you care more about the details…has gone to waste. Don’t end up in this situation! Your business card is your first impression and a first impression can be a last impression, so make sure it’s the right one! When you say you care about the details, that you are different and creative and can think outside the box, your company branding and print must back this up.

So now you’re looking at your own business card and either:

a) it is a ‘forbidden’ template card
b) is just too wishy washy, it doesn’t appropriately reflect just who you are, or
c) you need an update, something to bring out the fresh side of your company

Well, you’re in luck, the Promoworx team are to the rescue! We not only have some very talented designers ready to give your cards a facelift, but we have 50% off business cards throughout March. Better yet? We have some fancy smancy new cards that just came in on board, XO luxury 600gsm business cards. Extra thick with a smooth uncoated finish, these cards will surely show you mean business and have some weight behind what you say.

Pop into the shop to view this new selection for yourself, see some previous samples and find out just what they can do for your company image.

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