Promoworx: Copywriting

So, we’ve designed an amazing visual identity for you, which is bound to impress your target market.  Now, all you need are some words to show them why you are better than your competitors…
Do those other projects you’ve been putting off suddenly looking more inviting?
It should be easy.  How can writing about what you do, every single day, be difficult?
Generally there are two reasons why we find it difficult to write about our own businesses:
  1. We’re too close to the subject
  2. We’re too busy
That’s why we’ve launched a professional cost-effective copywriting and editing service to help you. Anyone who has tried to simply come up with a unique, memorable phrase about their business knows it can be challenging.  You keep churning out over-used clichés when what you really want is something that will make you stand-out from your competitors.  How much is your time worth?  How much time are you prepared to spend on this when you could doing what you’re great at?
It might be that there’s so much you want to say about your business, you don’t know where to start. Or perhaps you’ve already written it and are now faced with the problem of how to fit 2000 words onto an A6 flyer?  Our clever design team can help up to a point but, unless you are promoting an Opticians, we’d advise using our proof-reading and editing service over simply going for really tiny print every time!
Promoworx is known for producing great design and competitive print.  But we are not just a printers.  We are your lateral thinking print and design company.  We love to see our work complemented by the right words.  And we love to hear that our clients are getting the results they wanted from their campaigns. More details will be up on our website in the next few days. If you’re desperate to know now, just give us a call!
Promoworx – Promotion that worx for you.
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