5 Things you might find surprising about the Promoworx team…

Promoworx design studio is a tight knit group with each team member holding a speciality that makes them both valuable and unique to the company. A combination of which is not only unstoppable when it comes to Graphic Design, but makes us our own little design studio family. We value each other, our skills, and our quirks (just to get a little bit sappy on you).

But we not only value getting to know each other, we value getting to know our clients. Many of our clients we have known since we opened our doors 5 years ago. We like to know not only what services they need from us, but who they are, what they like to do, do they have kids, etc. And most importantly what’s their favourite cupcake flavour?

So to get the ball rolling if you are meeting us for the first time, or if you have known us for year’s and would like to know something you may not already, check out the below.


A list of 5 things you may not know, and find surprising about the Promoworx team:

1) The Team

We are re-launching our brand in September! Having been in operation for 5 years, it is time for the next phase of Promoworx world domination. Watch this space for details…

2) Kate Lewis, aka ‘Boss Lady’

My dad was a famous footballer who won 49 caps for the England amateur national side, and also played for the Great Britain football team at the 1952, 1956 and 1960 Olympic Games.

3) Jimmy Nicola, aka ‘Greek Style’

I have studied Paleontology, Astronomy and have a collection of rare fossils.

4) Jenny Gustavsson, aka ‘Mighty Mouse’

I used to have a fascination with briefcases, until I got one and realised that they weren’t all that exciting.

5) Natasha MacKenzie, aka ‘Ms Marvel’

Is a drummer. My grandfather was a drummer, and my dad was a drummer in a band in Canada, so I am carrying on the tradition. While I may only be at ‘Meg White’ from the White Stripes  status at the moment, I’m getting up there to be as good as they were.

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