5 Favourite Monster’s

At some point we have all come across a monster that we have a soft spot for. Whether it’s a soft spot because they are cute and cuddly (yes, possible) or they are so terrifying we are glad we would never run into them in real life or because we could develop elaborate plans of how to defeat them if we ever do. Not that the Promoworx team have developed such plans…no, seriously…ahem, moving on…

So as you could have guessed the next favourite five list is our 5 favourite monster’s, for one reason or another.

1) First up, we love our little monster alien mascots, they are part of the team! Hence why they take the number one spot.

Promoworx Monsters

2) Our Creative Director’s fave is the devious Randall Boggs from Monster’s Inc.


3) Jimmy, our Print Manager has a soft spot for Cookie Monster, probably because Jimmy has an addiction to cookies as well. (But you didn’t hear it from us)


4) Jenny is a little biased. Our graphic designer’s favourite monster is one of our own Promoworx team…Promoworx_Monster_Alien

5) Lastly, Nat has a slight obsession with Dr. Who (or just David Tenant, we’re not too sure). So her favourite has to be the Angels; can destroy you in the blink of an eye.


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