Marketing Makeover Peeps: Website and SEO

Website solutions are more than just pretty pictures and telling people how good you are. In fact, it’s a good idea not to shout about your wonderful products or services; leave others to do that. Companies should concentrate on giving people the information to enable them to choose your services for themselves.


Inbound marketing means that it’s vital for businesses to create content that people want and which they can find. The power of the internet lies in its accessibility, whether PC, smart phone, tablet, games consoles or TV. If you build it right, people will come.

This is where Jarvis Marketing come in. They create websites that showcase the benefits of their clients’ products and services, and most importantly produce websites that potential customers can find. Their ongoing monthly support packages are in the £10s, not the £100s, and if a site is built correctly, you shouldn’t need to pay exorbitant sums on SEO and PPC campaigns.

Websites need to look good, be easy to navigate and be informative. Too much clever ‘stuff’, too many words and cluttered noise on a page will put people off. It’s estimated that you only have a few seconds to engage with people enough to keep them on your site and JML are experts at keeping people interested.

Websites that sell, at reasonable prices, are what Jarvis Marketing do best, and what better way to pick their brains for free then next Thursday? A week from today Jarvis Marketing will be heading up some discussions about what makes a website, a great website, and giving all the in’s and out’s of making your website the one that engages those new customers over the competition.  Pop in anytime from 3 – 7 pm, April 18th for all the techy-guru-insight.

-The Promoworx Team

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