Talent runs in the Family

Growing up as the eldest daughter in the McCartney family, it is no wonder that Mary McCartney has become one the world’s leading photographers, and one of the most celebrated within the UK. Surrounded by artistic creativity and talent from a young age Mary has followed her mother’s footstep’s capturing a plethora of cultural icons and working on various leading marketing campaigns.


McCartney’s distinctive style allows the viewer a snapshot into an experience; portraying visually vulnerable, off guard portraits and snapshots of those she documents. From the ‘celebrity at home’ portraits, un-styled and unassuming, to global advertising and marketing campaigns such as the latest ‘Red Nose Day‘ Clothing Line from Stella McCartney, there is a reason why Mary’s style is respected and world renowned. Her work can be seen anywhere from home to galleries and magazines.

It is for this very reason we at Promoworx find her so inspirational. Her ‘out-side-the box thinking allows for her work to target the exact audience she wants to enrapture. And what’s great about it? She doesn’t have to go to drastic lengths to get there. Some of her best work has come from simply toning ‘down’ on the messages and focusing on one subject at hand. This is a skill we respect as it can be applied to any aspect of business and design, not just photography.



This weekend marks the start of a brand new exhibition featuring Mary McCartney and her amazing career thus far. This exhibition held at the Lowry Arts & Entertainment Venue in Manchester, features striking large scale images of many legendary international performers including Helen Mirren, Joni Mitchell and Morrissey. A highlight of the exhibition is an inspiring selection dedicated to ‘The Radical Woman’ exploring iconic images of some of the performance world’s prominent revolutionary figures.


So, if you are up for heading to Manchester from MAR 16 to JUN 09, be sure to let us know, as this exhibition is one not to be missed.

Credits: Images from TKMaxx, MaryMcCartney.com, and The Lowry Manchester

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