Polaroid and Instagram Join Forces 2014

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and more now than ever with the release of Instagram. It seems everyone and their mum are posting, tweeting, facebooking and blogging about the latest adventure they had using the hipster enforced iphone app.

The promoworx team have to admit we too have fallen for the artistic and addictive  functionality and flare. Instagram photos have become such great additions to designs, marketing and advertising no wonder the head honcho’s behind the business not only want to keep these images for themselves they want to expand the creative reach. That’s why come 2014 not only the hipster kids will be excited about the vintage collective between Instagram and Polaroid.


Set to launch early 2014, Instagram will release it’s new Socialmatic Camera carrying the Polaroid brand. With 16GB of internal mass storage, WiFi and 3G connectivity,together with a SC-HD slot for external mass storage this square camera give’s the user access to the best of both Instagram and Polaroid.


“We were strongly motivated to reach an agreement to create a small revolution in digital photography,” said Antonio De Rosa, chief executive of Socialmatic. “This mix of Hardware and Software, together with our brand new photo social network will fill the gap between virtuality and reality.”

The Socialmatic will allow you to:

  • Apply the Instagram photo filters to your images
  • Post it on the Socialmatic Network and/or share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or send by Email or MMS
  • Print it, add a comment, pull off the auto-adhesive strip and share it in the real world
  • Follow the photo in real and virtual world thanks its own QR Code

Always on the look out for the latest design trends, digital technology and marketing progression, this is one movement we will be excited to see revealed come 2014!

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