Top 5 Business Card Holders.

Even though we have some great deals on business cards this month, your cards are still an investment that you should be looking after. Have you ever asked someone for a business card and had to watch them dig in the bottom of their bag and pull out a battered scruffy card for you? How delightful.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful we make them look to begin with, if you don’t take care of your cards, all the hard work you put in to creating the right image immediately goes down the drain when you let them get scuffed up. So we thought that it might be helpful to remind you how easy it is to keep you business cards safe and clean, by compiling a list of 5 brilliant cases that will protect your stationery.

1. Something Basic Plastic Business Card Holder Paperchase | £1.00

Plastic Business Card Holder

2. Something For The Designer Pantone Business Card Holder Home Colours | £6.00


Pantone Business Card Holder3. Something Classic Metal & Leather Business Card Holder Philip Morris & Son | £17.00 £15.00

Luxury Business Card Holder

4. Something Quirky Wooden Business Card Holder Etsy | £26.34

Wooden Business Card Holder

5. Something Fancy Leather Business Card Holder Aspinal of London | £55.00

Leather Business Card Holder   With prices varying greatly depending on what you like, you should be able to find something that works for you and your budget. But most importantly, something that will keep your business cards looking fresh, clean and ready to have the lasting impression that you want.
… And if you don’t fancy shopping around, we can always add a plastic business card box (that holds 50 standard cards) to your order for an extra £1!

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July Wallpaper

This month, we were feeling something a little sweeter. It’s official, it’s summer. Everything looks so much nicer when the sun is out. So just because you are behind your desk, it doesn’t mean your office can’t look pretty too!

1280 x 720 - July-01

Available as usual in different sizes. Please leave a comment if your screen size is feeling left out.

1280 x 720 | 1920 x 1200
iPhone 4 | iPhone 5
iPad Mini | iPad Retina

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Picture Perfect

When putting together any marketing material, you are probably going to want to include some imagery. People like pretty pictures and they are more likely to notice your leaflet/poster/website if it has something nice and visual for them to look at.

So what’s your first port of call? …. GOOGLE! Off you go looking for a ‘fun, summer image’ to promote your business in the coming months… Perfecto!



Wrong. The thing about this, is that A) you’ve just gone and pinched someone else’s photo. (Thank you Jazz Hostels for this image) and B) it’s an image suitable for web viewing, so it’s in RGB and it’s tiny.

But you may think “naahh this looks perfect” and go for it anyway. Enlarge it to the size of an A5 leaflet and hit print.


Gosh darn it! Why does it look so rubbish? (You tea leaf)

There is a plethora of stock image sites available on the internet. But we like to use They are all reasonably priced and they have heaps of photos / illustrations / vectors & even videos that you can get hold of. Which means you are ALLOWED to use these images. No one is going to get grumpy with you for pinching their work. And it will also look beautiful when it comes to printing it.

Let’s try this again then, searching for ‘Summer Beach’ but on fotolia this time:

beach party


So much better. Now you look more professional and people will start to trust your business a lot more. Of course, you could always hire a photographer to go out and get you some good snaps. (Then no one else can buy them…) but just in case you don’t have the time or the budget for that. Stock images are the next best thing.


You could play our new game of trying to find the most ridiculous and unnecessary stock images online. Our favourites so far all include animals. Mainly because they are so funny… Look at these gems:

fotolia_49290767 fotolia_65637040 fotolia_57494281

Pretty good huh?

Give us a call today to find out about how we can include stock images into your marketing to get you a better result! We won’t use the one of the dog on holiday with a six pack. (Why would you EVER need a stock image of a dog with abs?)

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RBG and CMY¿qué?

Even though we can design you beautiful artwork, occasionally you will have the design ready to go and you’ll simply want us to print it for you. Brilliant! One of the first things we will ask is that you supply your file in CMYK.

This is when you will probably fall into one of these 3 categories:
1 – You know what CMYK is and you’ve created your file in this colour mode. You’re a hero.
2 – You are aware of CMYK but you don’t know why it matters (or how to change it).
3 – You don’t know what CMYK is and you are now very confused.

Well! We thought it would be good to give you a handy little explanation. Which should save you a bit of time and help you with any colour issues you may come across.


Red Green Blue

This is the colour mode used for your screen. Anything digital. If you want to view something on your website, Facebook or even your phone, you are going to want it to be set to RGB.


Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

This is one of the colour modes that is used for print. It is what we use and it is what most standard ‘at home’ printers use. So anything that you want to be printed out, needs to be CMYK.

What’s the difference?

You need to look at where the colour is going. Start with your screen. When it is off, the screen is black. This means the starting colour is black, your screen blends the three colours, red, green and blue in each pixel in order to create the colours that you see. If you were to use 100% red, green and blue, you would achieve white. The light in the pixels helps to achieve a much brighter colour than you could ever achieve by printing on paper.

But when you print, your starting colour is white (to make this easier we will assume that you are using white paper) which means that any colour you add will be going on top of the white. So the higher levels of colour you use, the darker it will get. The opposite of how your screen colour works…


NeatCakes Logo 1.0Take a look at this logo. It is saved in RGB and ready for web view. But if you have the same image saved as CMYK when you try to post it on your website, you will probably find that the colours look very odd and much brighter than you would expect them to be…

NeatCakes Logo 1.0

Your computer will try and convert the colours to what it thinks it should be, because the colour profile doesn’t match the screen, but it doesn’t do this very well. The opposite happens when it comes to printing. As the print colours can not match the brightness that you can achieve on screen, it seriously mutes the colours as it tries to find a colour that it thinks replicates the one you have used.

When starting a project in Photoshop or Illustrator, it will give you the option to select your colour profile. If you have a file that has been set up in the wrong colour profile and you would like to amend it, you can do so quite easily in Photoshop.

Open file > Edit > Convert to Profile > Then select either RBG or CMYK

Boom. Done.

You will notice the difference the colour mode can make to your file by switching between the two modes.  This will also give you an idea of how an RGB image would print if it wasn’t converted correctly first.

Hopefully, this will come in handy! You’re welcome.

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June Wallpaper

Some how it is June… already? But that means it’s time for anther wallpaper calendar!

This month we have gone for colours that show off our new branding. Just in case you hadn’t noticed…

1920 x 1200 - June

Desktop 1280 x 720 | 1920 x 1200
iPhone 4 | iPhone 5
iPad Small | iPad Large

Enjoy. PWx


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How to immediately improve your business performance.

Did you know that nearly one in 3 UK businesses does not have a company website – and around a third of those have no plans to get one?!

Suite Loans

Websites are a one time investment which could generate you work for the foreseeable future of your company. There is a minimal on-going hosting cost but don’t expect to pay any more than £150 a year. Which in the grand scheme of things, is nothing!

In this digital age 78% of Internet users conduct product research online before purchasing.*

Which means that for many people your website is the first impression of your business that they get. People are beginning to expect that any professionally run business should have a website. I know I do.









I wouldn’t use a business who I hadn’t looked up online unless a) they are local and I have been able to judge them on their shop front, or b) they have been highly recommended by a friend. So when I do go searching for a company online their website will determine my impression of their business in the first 3 – 5 seconds.

I’ve met really interesting people at networking events and thought, ‘oh they were nice, they sound like they know what they’re doing’, and then looked them up online, to never once again consider using their services.  Their website just didn’t reflect the level of service and quality that I would expect. That may sound judgemental, but that’s because it is! People judge. Updating your website can be the quickest way to change the publics perception of you.

Worse still: the company does not have a website. Most people will move straight on to the next company that does. We go online because we want to see what to expect, so that we can be confident in our purchases and know that our experience will be well spent, through time and money.

In this digital age you can survive with out a website, we just don’t recommend that you try it.

Since we have redesigned our website, we have had a much greater response from new customers.  They have been confident to work with us simply from our site and from the examples of our work that they can see online. We have secured several large projects on the strength of our website alone.  Which just proves it is a fantastic sales tool. When people ask about our work we can confidently direct them to our site and know that they will be impressed with our services.

Here are some reasons why you may not have a website. (& why you are wrong)

You don’t have time.

Once your website is up and running and showing off your skills and talents in a beautiful functional way, it requires very little maintenance, just enough to keep it up to date and relevant.

The hardest part is deciding on your content. That can take some time to get right, alternatively you could use a copywriter.  You give them the bare bones of your content and they can help you transform your services into peoples wants and needs to make sure that they pick up the phone and use your services.

Having an online presence can also save you time! You can put the answers to the frequently asked questions that you get throughout the day. Put online your opening times, directions and pricing, all saving you time on the phone.

They are to expensive. 

Some websites are, its true. But they can be a whole lot less expensive than you think.  A five page website with us starts at £550 + VAT. All of our websites are mobile responsive so people can view your site on the go, no matter what device they are using. Who do you know that doesn’t have a smart phone?

Before you consider choosing a web designer, make sure you have seen at least 5 sites that they have worked on that are currently online and functional. Don’t forget to view them on your phone to!

When you consider the steady growth of Internet users and the growth of companies that are on the Internet, some of which may be your competitors, it could cost you to NOT have a website.

You don’t need one.

There are a couple of reasons you may not need a website,

You don’t have any competitors,

You are already so busy with existing orders that you have a backlog and can’t take on any new business,

Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

For a free consultation please give us a call for a chat or book an appointment to meet the team. We can’t guarantee you more sales but we can certainly give your business the chance to reach some of the 54,861,245 internet users in the UK.

Or visit our website to view some of our work.


*Statistic from a new survey from The Made Simple Group, in association with Startups, Microsoft, Huddlebuy, Business 2012 and TaxAssist Accountants

The study was based on responses from over 2,000 businesses from across the UK.

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If you read our last blog you will have heard that rebranding can be dangerous territory and it is certainly nerve-wracking from a business owners point of view.  However, from a designer’s viewpoint it is extremely exciting! So it is with a mixture of emotions that I introduce you to our new logo design…



Promoworx continues to grow and develop. We really do feel that we have come a long way over the last 6 years. Our shop has evolved into a dynamic, creative design studio, which we are very proud of.  So we felt it was time that our logo and branding reflected that.

Our new logo showcases the style of work that we enjoy, with a fresh, clean modern feel.  Here are some of our design processes to show you the transition…


and a few examples from the development stage to give you an idea of how we ended up with our final finished version. Logo design can be an arduous task and can take several attempts in order to reach the end goal. After all, you need to be proud of your branding. So it has to be perfect!


We wanted to give ourselves a bit of flexibility with our branding and have opted for colour combinations that we know will work together and compliment each other. This will give us some freedom to vary the colour palette to suit what we’re working on. From our stationery to our signage, we can pick and choose which colours we prefer for which product.




If you are considering a rebrand we offer a free design consultation to guide you through the whole process from concept to completion.  If you do want to rebrand your logo remember these key elements:

Keep it simple.

Make it relevant.

Make an impression.

Call us.

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Re-Branding Your Logo, Life or Death?

Rebranding can be dangerous territory. As designers it is a great opportunity to create a buzz and generate new interest for your client, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. Make the wrong choices and you risk consumer backlash or loss of sales if the clients customers don’t understand the new look and feel of the brand.

When it comes to the ‘r’ word, many business owners’ shudder at the possibility and will do anything to change the conversation. But you can change your logo without losing your company values and success.

There are many different reasons to rebrand, the best reasons being to modernise an existing logo or because your company is going in a new direction and you want to show off the new company ideals.

Companies are like people; they grow. When they grow they change into more renowned, wiser, stronger entities of their former selves. As your company grows and progresses, what worked when it you were just starting out may not be the case now. Especially when it comes to how your company appears to your customer’s.

Think about your core customers when you had just started out, and your customer’s now? Chances are, they are different too. The type of customer, the way they shop and their average spend.  Even the way they interact with your company is probably very different now than it was a few years ago.

However, while it is necessary to keep up and grow, it is also essential to do it the right way. This is what keeps companies like Coca Cola constantly changing but allows them to stay on top of the market. You might not have even noticed, but their logo is constantly evolving. Another great example that we particularly like is ‘The French Property Exhibition’. Their logo was re-designed by Roy Smith and is featured in ‘Logo Design Love’ by David Airey.

French Property Exhibition

You can see that the logo has been drastically modernised, but you still know that it is the same company. They have tailored their logo to target their audience and it works wonderfully.

Your company image is what makes you identifiable to the world; it’s what sets you apart from the rest and is what attracted your customers to you in the beginning. It represents your values, your character and your substance. Customer’s need to know you can evolve with them, which is why updates are necessary.

We thought it was time to follow some of our own advice, so next week we will be launching our very own re-brand! When we first started out 6 years ago we were a small print shop and our logo and branding suited us perfectly. But now, several years later, with our new creative and web-design services being launched… we realised that we needed to change our image to represent the great design studio that we have become.

Check back next week for more details and a bit of an insight into our design process, and how we’re going about this new overhaul.

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May Calendar Wallpaper

May might have been welcomed in with some drizzly rain but instead of looking out the window, we think you should put our lovely new wallpaper on your desktop or your phone and let the spring colours trick you into thinking that it’s actually a lovely day!!

1280 x 720 - May

With the handy little calendar to help you keep track of the dates (and the bank holidays!) this month. Available in 2 screen sizes, 2 iPhone sizes and 2 iPad, get in touch if you feel your smart phone or computer screen is feeling left out.

1280 x 720 | 1920 x 1200
iPhone 4 | iPhone 5
iPad Mini | iPad Retina

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In the spotlight: Sporty Champs


Promoworx Spotlight: Sporty Champs

One of the best parts of our job is the huge variety of people and businesses that come though the door that we get to work with, help and advise for all of their creative needs and branding.

Because we enjoy them so much we have decided that we should share them with you. Once a month we will post a client profile including their new and exciting business ventures and the work that we are most proud of.

First up, Sporty Champs!

Sporty Champs

Sporty Champs is a new and exciting way for children to get active and learn the basics in multiple sports such as tennis, football, hockey and tag rugby. The many benefits of Sporty Champs include teaching kids essential life skills, improving co-ordination and enhancing communication while learning the basics of sports. Their sessions at nurseries and schools have been created for different age groups and development levels and are designed to be fun and a great learning experience.

“My favourite part of my job is that I get to see how the kids develop week upon week, while getting to be outside and coach sports all day!”

The owners of Sporty Champs came to us with their business idea and gave us the opportunity to work with them to design their overall business branding from logo to promotional materials, encompassing all the traits that make their business great. We have had the pleasure of watching their company grow over the last year and are proud to see that they are launching a sister company – Music Champs!

Music ChampsMuch like their founding company Music Champs is dedicated to inspiring kids to get active through the art of music with song, instruments and movement. They have currently over 60 activities with a focus on teaching a variety of skills using a variety of instruments.

These programs are not only successful because of their mini clients enjoyment, but they also combine fun with learning essential skills to help them grow, such as communication and language, physical development, personal, social and emotional growth as well as fostering creativity.

With more developments in the pipe-line such as a new multi-sports program, we are very excited to see how much further Sporty Champs will go!

For more information on Sporty Champs or Music Champs visit their websites: &

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